What is 7491rs

What's the difference between the dw745 and 7491?

The 7491 is the high-end model that has a large 10” blade and a 32 1/2” rip capacity. The DW745 is odd, because on the one hand it is a smaller, more portable version with only 20 inches of rip capacity, but it still sports the same 10” blade that you don’t really see on any other saws of this size.

Which is better DeWalt dwe7491rs or 7491rs?

7491RS Model has better RPM than the previous one with 3850RPM. Dust port has also become wider which gives the better environment to work. DW744XRS was slightly lighter in weight in comparison to the new one. Rolling system is better now and you can easily move it from one place to another.

What's the difference between a 744 and 7491 table saw?

Most interesting to me, the 7490X and 7491RS series feature an improved fence system that has pushed the industry limits of contractor saws past the 24-1/2 inch barrier. Aside from the aforementioned upgrades, most of the other specifications (like cut depths) are identical to the previous 744/745 series.


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