What is 76mm circular saw blades

How big is the blade on a circular saw?

An all-purpose blade that comes together with the saw is 190 mm in diameter and can easily cut workpieces up to 66 mm thick, given that cutting angle is set to 0°. Even though the standard blade is quite durable, we recommend changing it on a regular basis, especially if you intend using the saw a lot.

Which is the best type of circular saw to buy?

The Evolution R185CCS is a multifunctional saw that can cut through pretty much every material, including metals. Made of premium-grade Japanese steel, the blade is extremely durable, which simplifies the cutting process. Safe and easy to use, this model will suit the needs of both professionals and entry-level craftsmen.

Where does the cut come from on a circular saw?

The cut performed by the blade actually comes solely from the teeth, rather than the disk itself. Therefore, the type of teeth on the blade you choose will have the biggest impact on the material. Choosing the correct tooth-type is essential, both in terms of cut quality and personal safety.

What kind of saw blades do I Need?

Buying and fitting only the correct size of the blade to your saw is essential for your safety. If your application was cutting hardwood and you want a nice clean face to the cut, then try fine-toothed blades. Because of their high tooth count, they’ll cut quickly and easily through the material and leave you with a nice, crisp edge on the cut.


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