What is alex snodgrass bandsaw

What kind of bandsaw does Alex Snodgrass use?

Discussion in ' The DIY Tool Shed ' started by Davecam48, Feb 3, 2017 . Had some time yesterday waiting for some stuff to dry so pulled down my 14" with riser block bandsaw and reset it according to the Alex Snodgrass video. It is branded Carbatec (a local company name) but I think it is identical to your Craftsman brand of the era.

When did the band saw clinic with Alex Snodgrass end?

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Which is the best way to set up a bandsaw?

While the method works perfectly, it overcomplicates things and employs a couple of unnecessary steps, namely achieving coplanarity of the wheels and eliminating drift. Four years later, I became aware of a video from The Woodworking Shows featuring Alex Snodgrass and his simpler (and nearly foolproof) method for bandsaw tuneup.

When to release tension on a bandsaw blade?

Just like we raised the blade tension before making the cut, we now want to release the tension so the blade isn't kept stiff. This is an important step that's easy to forget, so make sure you make it a priority to always release the tension when you're done with the saw.


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