What is amt scroll saw

What's the best way to test a scroll saw?

Cutting Out Your Project Test the scroll saw by cutting a piece of scrap wood. Set the scroll saw to a slow speed if the material is thin. Choose a faster speed if the wood is a softwood. Guide the design through the blade using both hands. Remove your project from the blade when you need to make a 90° turn.

How many strokes per minute on a scroll saw?

Variable speed scroll saw gives you full control over your designs and creativity. The variable speed ranges anywhere from 400 to 1600 strokes per minute and can be easily adjusted by the speed knob located on the front of the machine.

What kind of action does a scroll saw have?

Like your portable sabre saw, a scroll saw uses an up-and-down reciprocating action. In fact, it's really a motorized coping saw. Scroll saws are available in a range of prices and capacities. We tested four 16-in. machines--tools that can cut to the middle of a 32-in.-wide workpiece.

What kind of wood can you cut with a scroll saw?

Stick to a slower speed if you are just beginning to use a scroll saw, as this will give you better control as you learn. Choose a faster speed if the wood is a softwood. Softwoods such as maple require faster cutting speeds when using a scroll saw than harder types of wood.


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