What is antique scroll saw

What can you do with a scroll saw?

Using a scroll saw is actually relatively simple, and that is one of the things that make them a great saw for beginners. Before getting started in using your saw, though, you need to understand what you projects you can use this saw for. You can use a scroll saw for a number of woodworking projects, including:

Is the Delta scroll saw an obsolete tool?

Welcome to the wonderful world of obsolete Delta tools. Similar issues have been discussed here in numerous threads. Delta changed hands years ago and there was little or no effort made to retain stocks or continue manufacturing replacement parts.

Is there a Hegner scroll saw that still works?

Yes there is ONE scroll saw brand that you still get parts for and repairs are rarely needed. Hegner scroll saws are not cheap but they are very durable. I have one that was made in 1986 and I can still get repair parts for it although I have needed just one.

What should the blade speed be on a scroll saw?

Turn the scroll saw on and adjust the blade speed if the model you are using has variable speeds. Keep in mind that generally the harder the wood, the slower the speed should be. If you are cutting through softer woods, you should use a faster speed.


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