What is auto feed bandsaw

What can I cut with an automatic bandsaw?

We've built custom, automatic cutting machines for many leading companies in key industries, including Aerospace, Formula1, Oil and gas, and mining, where exact precision is a must. Whether you are cutting plastics, wood, or metals, such as aluminium and steel, we can source the right automatic bandsaw for you.

How big is a carif automatic bandsaw machine?

Program the size and quantity, and let the machine do the rest! The Carif Automatic Bandsaw Range includes exceptional automatic bandsaw machines from 260mm to 450mm in jaw width, and with a double mitre facility as standard.

What is the purpose of an industrial bandsaw?

The bandsaw’s main function is to cut irregular shapes in primarily wood and metal. The super thin, sharp rotating blade allows the machine to continuously make smooth cuts. Various detachable blades make the industrial metal bandsaw extremely versatile and able to cut shapes on many different materials.

Are there any automatic CNC bandsaws out there?

Our auto bandsaws include machines manufactured by DoAll, Carif and Klaeger, as well as our own high-performance Alligator Touch Screen CNC Bandsaws. These automated bandsaw machines start with 250mm capacity and go up to a staggering 1100mm, with lots of variants in between. Program the size and quantity, and let the machine do the rest!


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