What is battery jigsaw

Can a jigsaw be used with a battery?

When focused on battery-powered jigsaws, be aware that such battery power isn’t as efficient as a corded unit. You can cut, with a jigsaw, a variety of materials with ease, but it’s a different system. Therefore, you aren’t going to get through tough materials, such as sheet metal.

What kind of battery does Porter Cable Jigsaw use?

The PCC650B is the cordless entry in PORTER CABLE ’s jigsaw line and runs on a rechargeable 20V MAX Lithium battery. Lightweight and durable, this jigsaw provides up to 2,500 SPM of cutting speed and 3 orbital settings that allow you to adjust your cut aggressiveness depending on your application.

Why is a cordless Jigsaw a portable tool?

The cordless jigsaws are portable because they lack the long cord which people have to carry around. There is a battery inside which lasts up to a fair amount of time. Also, this jigsaw battery only takes up to 12V so it would put lesser pressure on the bills.

What kind of battery does a DeWalt jig saw use?

The DEWALT DC330B 18-volt jigsaw is proof-positive that you don’t have to sacrifice power and performance for cordless convenience. This professional-duty saw has a variable-speed, high-performance motor that’s driven by an 18-volt battery.


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