What is battery powered reciprocating saw

What kind of battery does a reciprocating saw use?

This Porter Cable pcc670b reciprocating saw comes with a 20V lithium battery that provides a longer run time. The battery has a lower self-discharge than a normal battery, thus enabling you to get a constant power supply. The Bosch company was the vanguard of power tool technology. It was founded in 1886 in Germany by Robert Bosch.

Which is better a reciprocating saw or a cordless power tool?

This is fairly standard as far as power tools go; most corded power tools are more powerful than their cordless counterparts, and reciprocating saws are no exception. Also, because they do not need to keep a heavy battery within them, corded reciprocating saws are actually a bit lighter than cordless reciprocating saws.

How does a reciprocating saw cut through material?

A reciprocating saw cuts through material just like a power jigsaw would – by moving the blades in a pushing and pulling motion.

What is the stroke rate of a reciprocating saw?

As the motion of a reciprocating saw is a back-and-forth motion, the stroke rate is how many times within a minute the blade will run in these motions. If you have a reciprocating saw that has an SPM of 2,800 – this means that the blade will run backwards and forwards 2,800 times within the minute.


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