What is bauer bandsaw stand

What can you do with a band saw?

Band saws are used to cut precise curves in wood, and quite frankly, there is no better tool in the world for this specific task. However, a quality band saw will do much more than this.

Can a bandsaw be run without a guide?

With a well set up bandsaw you can take the guides off completely and run the machine and cut material with no guides at all. The crown of the bandsaw wheels is what keeps the blade in place. The blade will always try to climb to the highest point of the wheel, the top of the crown.

What should the rear guide be on a bandsaw?

The rear guide should be ⅛ to ¼ inch clear of the back of the blade. During regular cutting on a well set up bandsaw the blade will move or bow backwards a bit as you press the workpiece into it. If you press really hard then the blade will press hard against the rear guide.

Which is the best band saw on the market?

One of the top rated band saws on the market, Rikon has proved yet again with this 18 inch model that they know how to deliver performance, and that comes in a size that is convenient.


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