What is best worm drive circular saw

What is the weight of a worm drive circular saw?

Worm-drive saws weigh about 13 to 15 pounds. These are the saws that are most often used by professionals for projects that are very large. The worm-drive circular saw has the motor behind the blade. Sidewinder Saw – The sidewinder’s motor is either on the left side of the blade or the right which makes them good for left and right handed people.

Which is the best type of circular saw?

Circular saws, whether worm-drive (pictured) or sidewinder, can team with a shoot-board to make long, accurate cuts, as above. Circular saws are the big daddy tool for just about any project, and they come in two flavors: sidewinder and worm drive:

Can a worm drive saw be used for bevel cutting?

With the powerful motor and well-thought-out engineering allows the saw for bevel cutting. You can have up to 45-degree bevel cuts with two positive stops at 45-degree and 22.5-degree. On top of that, the Dewalt worm drive circular saw is further optimized with a line of sight putting the blade at the left.

Where is the motor on a worm drive saw?

A worm drive saw is a powerful type of circular saw which consists of a motor located at behind the blade. The motor transfers the power to the blade by the means of gears set at certain angle.


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