What is bosch axial glide

How does the Bosch axial glide system work?

The innovative Bosch Axial-Glide System gives the user durable precision in a compact workspace. Replacing the sliding rail system with a hinged or articulated glide arm system saves up to 10 inches of working room while giving the user enhanced alignment and a smooth glide for the life of the unit.

Which is Bosch 12 in.dual bevel glide miter saw?

The Bosch GCM12SD is a 12 In. Dual-Bevel Glide™ miter saw that features a smooth cutting motion, accurate performance and a space-saving design of the Bosch-exclusive Axial-Glide™ system.

Is the Bosch glide 12 in blade compatible?

For added convenience and versatility, the saw is compatible with a variety of 12 In. blades and it has a clear lower guard to provide unobstructed cut-line visibility. The GCM12SD provides easy adjustments with upfront bevel and miter controls and detents at common angles.

Is the Bosch gcm12sd still relevant in 2020?

Bosch GCM12SD Review – Still relevant in 2020? The first thing that stands out when you unbox the Bosch gcm12sd 12” dual-bevel glide miter saw is the innovative glide arm mechanism, completely refreshing from the slider rails used by rivaling sliding dual-bevel saws.


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