What is bosch bandsaw

Can a Bosch jigsaw blade be used as a bandsaw?

With our curiosity piqued, we asked Bosch if they could send a few blades our way to review. We were pretty sure they could cut a thick piece of wood straight, so we set out to test these with curvaceous cuts that would have been a challenge even with a portable bandsaw.

Which is the best accessory for a bandsaw?

Of course the best bandsaw accessory of all is the right Bandsaw Blade and for resawing get the Legendary Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blade! Browse Bandsaws & Accessories by category, or through accessories and tools listed below.

Where can I find a Bosch training plan?

Training plans consist of a number of pre-defined courses and can be found in the category “certification”. Single online courses are available in “additional training”. Begin your course and start learning. If you have selected an online course you can start it right away.

Can a band saw be used for scrolling?

If you're scrolling, you're not using a table saw. A band saw is going to allow you to make tighter radius curves, and do more accurate scrolling work. In some cases you'll not want to cut clean through a board. Maybe you're cutting a dado, a groove, a tongue, etc. In these cases, the height adjustable blade on a table saw can be quite handy.


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