What is bosch drop saw

What kind of tool is a drop saw?

How a Drop Saw Works. Properly called an electric miter saw, a drop saw or chop saw is a fixed tool with a vertical blade mounted to an adjustable pivot. When loosened, it can swing either way to make angled crosscuts in wood and other materials.

Where is the best place to buy a drop saw in Australia?

Look no further. Sydney Tools offer a massive range of drop saws at razor sharp prices. Whether you’re a carpenter by trade or you’re taking on a big home DIY project, you’ll find Australia’s best range of compound, sliding and cordless saws to make light work of any job.

How many degrees can you cut with a drop saw?

On the plate, a half-circle grid displays hashmarks representing 0 to 90 degrees in both directions, making a total of 180 degrees. In practice, only cuts from about 15 to 90 degrees are made. Don't forget about the safety button. Drop saws are equipped with a safety button and a blade shield.

What kind of power tools does Bosch have?

Bosch Power Tools feature a professional line of table saws, cordless drills, circular saws, angle grinders and more. This is what reliability looks like.


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