What is bosch gcm12sd laser

What kind of miter saw is Bosch gcm12sd?

Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw The Bosch GCM12SD is a 12 In. Dual-Bevel Glide miter saw that features a smooth cutting motion, accurate performance and a space-saving design of the Bosch-exclusive Axial-Glide system

What's the dust collection on the Bosch gcm12sd?

On the box, the Bosch GCM12SD promises a dust collection of around 90%. I’ve found this to be a bit less than accurate, in my personal experience it comes closer to 70%.

Which is better Makita ls1216l or Bosch gcm12sd?

While Makita ls1216l seems to have better dust control system than GCM12SD, according to the company, it can absorb up to 90% of the dust produced. It has a dust elbow, vacuum adapter, and a dust bag to keep things clean. In this section, we’ll talk about some of the pros of both the models.

How big is the range of a Bosch laser?

Bosch-patented dual-laser system with horizontal lasers for use together or individually for both indoor and outdoor applications. Long working range of 1,300 ft. with accuracy up to ±3/32 at 100 feet


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