What is bosch reciprocating saw

What kind of work can a reciprocating saw do?

Reciprocating saw is a power tool used for heavy-duty cutting jobs such as demolition jobs, remodeling work, renovation, tree pruning etc. Also known as Sawzall, reciprocating saws with the right type of blades are workhorses that can chop through materials like wood, plastic, metal and even times and bricks.

Which is the best Bosch reciprocating saw cord?

The Bosch RS428 14 Amp Corded is of the corded variety, and boy, does it deliver. This beast of a saw will happily destroy anything you put in front of it.

Which is the fastest reciprocating saw in the world?

Black & Decker RS600K The Black & Decker RS600K (around $132) allows for precise cuts on a variety of materials. The fastest of its six speeds reaches 2,400 strokes per minute, allowing you to blaze through tough jobs or finesse your way through delicate projects.

How is the stroke rate of a reciprocating saw determined?

Most reciprocating saw blades have a reasonable blade stroke; ensure that the one you finally choose has at least a 1-inch stroke. Stroke Rate - This is determined simply by multiplying the stroke length by the strokes per minute (spm) it determines just how fast the blade will operate.


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