What is bosch trim saw

What makes a Bosch fine cut saw so good?

The saw's ultra-fine teeth provide smooth, tear-free cuts while the flex-resistant, high-alloy steel-blade guides provide accurate guidance. Other features include a quick blade-change system, ergonomic design for compact comfort, and blade mounts on the left or right side for excellent visibility and total versatility.

Can you use a miter on a Bosch saw?

It not the best in terms of the miter kit. The miter attachment will not make a straight on a 45 degree angle. The blade bends on deeper cuts, still within the manufactures specs, making an unusable joint.

Which is the best tool for wood trimming?

The Genesis comes with the 4-pound tool, 3-inch hook and loop sanding pad, extra sandpaper, rigid scraper blade, a 3-inch wood and drywall blade, Allen wrench, and a 30 mm flush cut blade. Reviewers found the flush cut blade to be versatile for narrow jobs around door jambs, windowsills, and trim. It’s powerful prepared to tackle nearly any job.

What kind of cuts can you make with a miter saw?

Common Miter Saw Cuts With a standard miter saw, the two most common cuts are straight and angled. The angle you can get will always be up to 45 degrees, in relation to the fence of the saw. Look at any corner of a picture frame, and you’ll see what’s known as a miter joint or a miter cut.


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