What is bosch worm drive saw

What makes a Bosch worm drive saw good?

It also has easily serviceable brushes, large adjustment levers, a spindle lock, and a built In. saw hook for easy storage between tasks. Top it all off with a soft grip handle for comfort, control, and accuracy, and you've got one exceptional piece of equipment.

When was the first worm drive saw made?

Skilsaw developed the first worm drive saw in the mid-1920s. The motor sat behind the blade, making the tool relatively long and narrow. Worm drive saws still carry this design today. The centerline of the motor sits in-line with the handles, parallel to the plane of the saw blade.

Which is the best SKILSAW worm drive saw?

The blade used in the SPT70V-11 is specially made by SKILSAW for this saw, avoiding common problems caused by incorrectly-sized blades. You can even screw the top handle to either side of the body, letting you use it with your preferred hand.

What is the weight of a worm drive circular saw?

Worm-drive saws weigh about 13 to 15 pounds. These are the saws that are most often used by professionals for projects that are very large. The worm-drive circular saw has the motor behind the blade. Sidewinder Saw – The sidewinder’s motor is either on the left side of the blade or the right which makes them good for left and right handed people.


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