What is carbide bandsaw blade

Why are band saw blades made out of carbide?

The carbide tip is stronger and can resist more heat. The main reasons a shop would switch to carbide band saw blades are longer life and faster cutting. The reason these blades can deliver such results is the carbide itself, a popular material for cutting tools because of its high durability and high heat resistance.

What kind of carbide to use for saws?

RazorTip Carbide is a tough blade that stays sharper longer in the most difficult sawing conditions such as tropical hardwoods, kiln dried lumber, engineered wood, and more abrasive materials. Understanding sawmill blade geometry and terminology can be complex.

Do you have to sharpen the edges of a bandsaw?

When you are sharpening any tool, bandsaw blades, circular blades, even axe blades, it is important to try and maintain the integrity of the blades original edges without changing the angles or geometry.

What kind of blades do you use for a bandsaw?

Timber Wolf™ Bandsaw Blades from PS Wood are the most reliable high-performance bandsaw blades you'll ever use! Made from high silicon, low carbon steel, Timber Wolf™ bandsaw blades run cooler and last longer. Milled teeth make them ideal for re-sawing thick stock because these blades are true tracking and DO NOT WANDER.


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