What is chop saw blades for wood

What kind of blade does a chop saw use?

It works by spinning a circular steel saw blade at high speed. The blade cuts through the wood, laid on the support table, when you push the handle downward. There are different styles of chop saws on the market with different features.

What kind of blade do I need to cut wood?

When cutting natural wood, you only ever really need two types of blade: 1 A ripping blade to cut along the grain of the wood - usually a blade with 24 teeth 2 A cross cutting blade to cut across the grain of the wood - usually a blade with 60 or 80 teeth for finer cuts More ...

What's the maximum cut on a commercial chop saw?

Commercial chop saws: Commercial monsters do exist, but they run off three-phase power and aren’t portable. Even with a 22-inch wheel, the maximum cut is only 7 inches. You'll find a huge variety of blades, from those designed to cut melamine and plastics to those for wood, aluminum, ceramics, and steel.

When to use a cross cut saw blade?

For cutting across the grain only, you’ll want a crosscut saw blade. The value of using a saw blade for the specific cut type you’re doing (crosscut or rip) is that the blades designed for those specific cuts will cut smoother and faster, and they also will last longer.


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