What is circular festool

Can a circular saw be used with a Festool?

The precision of Festool’s FSK track ensures that you can cut with your circular saw just as accurately as you could with your miter saw. Since the saw can bevel, you get compound miter functions out of your circular saw. The FSK track also features an auto return function.

How does a Festool FS guide rail work?

Festool FS guide rails are available in ten different lengths from 32 to 197 inches, providing the right rail for every application. Simply lay the guide rail on the workpiece and line up the splinterguard flush with the scribe line. Now place your Festool circular saw on the guide rail.

Are there any free power tools at Festool?

Festool offers 100% free on-site tool demonstrations. Have a go at the power tools you are considering, at no cost and with no obligation to purchase. Our integrated systems combine a range of power tools for seamless working, providing effective solutions to challenging applications.

How long has Festool been in the market?

tools for professional tradespeople is one thing. Developing first-class power and air tools literally in the hands of tradespeople is quite another. In the process, we attach great importance to quality and reliability Many Festool power tools have already been in use for 30 years – or longer.


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