What is circular saw bench

What kind of support does a circular saw bench need?

Adequate workpiece support is essential for all operations at a circular saw bench. Large workpieces should be supported using extension tables or roller supports at both the infeed and outfeed ends.

What do you need to know about a circular saw?

Whether in a workshop or in a construction site, it is an effective instrument for carrying out various tasks. Circular saws use a round blade that is lined with sharp metal teeth. The blade rotates to cut the wood smoothly. Circular saws also have a handle with a trigger switch, a nut to hold the blade in place, and a guard for safety purposes.

What are the operating procedures of a portable circular saw?

C. Portable Circular Saw Operating Procedures 1. Select the correct blade for the type of cut being made and the type of material being cut. 2. Adjust the saw base so the blade extends through the material being cut by no more than 1/4" 3. Mark material so that a good visible line is present to help guide the cut. 4.

How many hours of training for circular saw filer?

Once Level 1 is successfully completed, the saw filer may move on to Level 2. 1,680 hours of work-based training. 120 hours of in-school training, plus a minimum score of 70 percent on the certificate of qualification examination.


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