What is concrete circular saw

Can a circular saw be used to cut concrete?

These forces are usually considered as kick-back, pull in or push back and are quite tough and often impossible to control leaving the operator at risk of potentially lethal injury from such an uncontrollable circular saw. Supervision, instruction, and training are imperative in all concrete and masonry cutting and drilling operations.

What are the functions of a circular saw?

Its most common function is to make cuts in a straight line on pieces of lumber. Knowing its parts makes using a circular saw easier. Handle and power trigger: While holding the handle to push the saw forward, squeeze the trigger to start the blade; release it to stop sawing.

What are the safety rules for a circular saw?

Circular Saw Safety Rules_3 Revision Date: 9-Mar-17 page 1 of 1 The circular saw, also referred to as a skill saw, is used to crosscut, rip, and bevel cut. The operator adjusts the saw to the proper cutting depth and pushes the tool through the wood. The following rules must be followed when using a circular saw:

How can I Make my circular saw work correctly?

Make sure the retracting guard blade is working correctly. With your saw unplugged (or with the battery out), test the guard can freely move back and forth (most blade guards will automatically spring back into the safety position when a cut is complete). Double check for nails or any other metals your saw might come into contact with.


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