What is coping jig

What can you do with a coping saw?

With a coping saw, you can cut out a heart in the back of a child's chair or make gingerbread trim for your roof eaves. Equip it with the right blade and you can cut curves in tile or metal. And, of course, you need it to create one of the most useful and elegant cuts in finish carpentry—the cope, which earned this saw its name.

Is the easycoper Jigsaw Cope a solid piece?

The EasyCoper gave me a solid piece to run my jigsaw on and every cope I made after a few practice pieces was perfect! I had some issues early on and called the number on the packaging and actually spoke to the owner who invented the EasyCoper on a Saturday afternoon.

What's the best way to cut a cope?

Cut a cope a little long and snap it in place—it will close up even tighter. And if you cut that square end a 1/16-in. short? No problem! A cope will cover all of it but the very bottom edge. If you do cut miters for inside corners, each piece must be cut precisely the right angle and length.

How can I talk to a jigsaw clinician?

We have introduced new ways for you talk to a Jigsaw Clinician online: Live Chat, Ask Jigsaw, Group Chats and a freephone number. By donating to Jigsaw today, you can make a difference and help us provide vital mental health supports to young people across Ireland when they need us most.


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