What is craftsman zero clearance insert

How do you make zero clearance inserts on a table saw?

Short screws were inserted into the bottom of the insert in the four holes that were drilled earlier and the zero clearance insert blank was leveled with the saw's table by moving these screws in or out as needed. I mounted my 8" dado saw blade on the saw's arbor and set it up to cut a 3/4" dado.

Can you use zero clearance inserts on plywood?

A zero clearance insert fully supports the wood fibers right at the cut line, which will dramatically improve your cut quality. You can buy insert blanks specifically made for your saw, or you can just make your own from plywood or MDF. The second thing you can do is use a high quality, high tooth count blade.

Why is the insert blank on a craftsman table saw?

The insert is blank so you can custom fit the blade slot by passing your blade through it. Helps to prevent tear-out plus close the large factory gap. 10" PRE 1988 Belt Dive. Alway be sure to measure your insert and compare it to the size listed below before ordering. Note: Measure your factory insert to ensure proper fit.

How big is the clearance on a craftsman table saw?

The worst part is the width, it's sloppy loose and completely unusable. I measured it with my digital calipers: 0.0485" of slop from side to side. If the spark plugs in my truck were capped that wide it wouldn't run! For comparison, the original plate from 1969 has just 0.0040" of clearance which is not noticible.


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