What is dcs389x1

What's the difference between a dc385 and dcs389?

The power difference of the saw when compared to a DC385 is remarkable. There is simply no comparison. The DCS389 is going to have the power to do whatever you would ask of it. The run time is good and will keep you working much longer than previous generations of these saws.

Which is better DeWalt 60 volt Max or dcs388?

It provides up to 19% more power than the DCS388 60V MAX reciprocating saw with 1874 unit watts out. With a no-load speed of 3000 SPM, this saw delivers the power of a corded reciprocating saw with the portability and convenience of a cordless through our revolutionary DEWALT FLEXVOLT technology.

Is the dcs389 a 60V brushless saw?

The power of the 60V pack and the brushless motor really sets this saw apart from the older generations. The older DC385 would do the work, but at a much slower pace and without as clean a cut. The light is an interesting feature of the DCS389.

Which is better dc385 or dcs389 blade change Chuck?

The trigger and variable speed of the DCS389 is also far superior to my older DC385. The blade change chuck really has not changed all that much outside of the fact the DCS389 is spring loaded and locks itself while the DC385 needs to be pushed back to lock it.


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