What is dcs565b dewalt

Is the DeWalt dcs391 a good power tool?

Coming to the grip and the functionality of this Dewalt Dcs391, it comes with a rubber optimization that is suitable for your grip. This means that you can have an optimal balance and control over this item. The power tool which comes with this fantastic set and is good for you to handle in.

How many horsepower does a DeWalt dcs570 have?

Brings about the right product dimensions of about 11x8x10 inches. It comes with the batteries, which are one lithium-ion. Style is sawed only, and the material is a massive steel compound. The power source is the corded electric. The wattage is about 900 watts and 57 horsepower. The brushless motor provides about 5200 rpm.

What's the Max cutting depth of a DeWalt Arbor?

The arbor size is 5/8 inches. Max cutting depth at about 90 degrees, 2-1/4 inches. Max cutting depth at about 45 degrees, 1-5/8 inches. Tool weight is about 8.3 pounds. Well, both these have a compelling feature attached to them. We’ll cover both the saws one by one.


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