What is dcs565b

Is the DeWalt dcs565b a good circular saw?

The DeWalt DCS565B is a great 6-1/2" circular saw. Excellent features, size, power, and weight. The primary complaint I have, which is not an insignificant one, is what I had to do in order to calibrate the saw so that it cuts square (i.e., 90-degrees).

What kind of battery does a DeWalt dcs575b have?

The DEWALT DCS575B flexible 60V MAX* 7-1/4" Circular saw with brake - bare tool features FLEXVOLT technology; this saw operates with the world's first battery that automatically changes voltage when you change tools. The flexible battery is backwards compatible with our 20V MAX* tools so you get up to 4X the runtime.

What kind of motor does dcs391b circular saw have?

The DCS391B 20-volt MAX 6-1/2-in circular saw with a 6-1/2-in carbide tipped blade operates on a powerful 5150 RPM motor with a 0°-50° bevel capacity on a lightweight and durable magnesium shoe. High strength and lightweight magnesium shoe provides jobsite durability for long-term cut accuracy


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