What is dewalt battery miter saw

What kind of battery does a DeWalt compound miter saw use?

With the new 9.0Ah batteries the DHS790 will be able to deliver 3.0Ah of run-time, which should move you closer to the 450 cut mark. As I found out, a single person using the DHS790 can get a lot of work done on a single battery charge.

Which is the best power tool for a miter saw?

DEWALT DCS361B 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw (Tool Only) with DEWALT DW7114PT DEWALT… BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD - 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with…

How big is the battery on a DeWalt table saw?

The good news is that if they do, the AC adapter for two batteries is already in production. Two questions pop up when considering a cordless table saw – power and capacity. The DeWalt FlexVolt Table Saw bumps down to an 8-1/4-inch blade with 2-1/2-inch max cutting capacity to deal with its single battery power source.

What's the best battery life for a miter saw?

The expected battery life. Try to get a cordless miter saw that offers the longest possible battery life. The more cuts you can get out of a single charge, the less time you will have to spend changing batteries and waiting for them to recharge. The best cordless miter saws let you do close to 200 cuts per charge.


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