What is dewalt dw744xrs

What kind of table saw is DeWalt dw744xrs?

I am talking about the DEWALT DW744XRS and the DEWALT DW744X, which is pretty much the same unit only without a rolling stand. Both table saws are considered high-performance, high-quality tools capable of cutting through pretty much anything, yet are relatively easy to transport form one location to another.

Is the DeWalt dwe7491rs a good power tool?

DEWALT are known for putting a lot of thought into designing and producing high-quality power tools and this one is no exception. There are some great safety features especially when it comes to power loss, and it’s not super expensive.

Why did I buy a DeWalt table saw?

I chose to review this particular table saw because DEWALT is a reputable company which, (among other tools) make superb table saws. Also, this one has a rolling stand which makes it incredibly convenient. But, let’s look at the specs first which are more important.

Can a dw744 be used with a miter saw?

The stand is not recommended for use with any miter saw. The stand was approved by UL for use with the DW744 and DW745. The stand will work with most, but not all, other portable table saws. We do not have a listing of what brands or models of other table saws that this stand will accommodate.


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