What is dewalt dwe74911

Is the DeWalt dwe7491rs a good table saw?

DWE7491RS Review – Final Conclusion The rack and pinion system, increased rip capacity, high no-load speed, and wheelable stand makes the DeWalt DWE7491RS a great table saw for job-site use. At a very fair price point, you are getting more than what you’re paying for.

Is the DeWalt dcs7485 a Cordess table saw?

The DCS7485 is the first and only, as of now, cordess jobsite table saw on the market. It's part of DeWALT's new line of FLEXVOLT power tools – currently there are 6 cordless power tools in the lineup. These tools are powered by the new FLEXVOLT 20/60-Volt battery platform.

What's the difference between a DeWalt dwe7485 and dw745?

As long as you don’t abuse it, the rack and pinion telescoping fence is one of my favorite features in the line up. The DWE7485 also has a 5800 RPM motor compared to the 3850 from the 10″ DW745. Smaller blades mean higher RPM’s though. Despite the smaller saw blade, the DWE7485 weighs 10 lbs. more than it’s 10″ DW745 brethren.

What kind of table saw does DeWalt table saw stand use?

This table saw stand is designed for use with DeWalt Table Saws DW745, DWE7490, DCS7485, DWE7490, DWE7491, and DWE7499. As many reviewers complained, the instructions for assembly left a lot to be desired. That is why I deducted a star; a premium tool company like DeWalt should do better.


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