What is dewalt dws779

Is the DeWalt dws779 a good miter saw?

From its design to its accuracy, let’s take a look at its features to see if the DeWalt DWS779 is an ideal miter saw. The DeWalt DWS779 looks very standard.

Is the DeWalt dws779 dust bag worth it?

Let’s take a look at the cutting capacity within our DeWalt DWS779 Review, which is quite impressive. The built-in system can collect up to ¾ of the dust. For the rest, it comes with a dust bag so that you don’t need to spend any extra penny on dust bags.

What's the difference between the DWS 779 and dws780?

There is a considerably $200 difference between the DWS779 and the DWS780 that most people would not take for granted. That huge difference in the price relies on the XPS system. Both machines are basically the same, so the top aspect to consider when making the purchase decision would be the laser guide system.

What's the difference between DeWalt dws715 and dw716?

These are pretty similar miter saws, both are 12” and made by DeWalt. The main difference is the location of the motor. While the motor of the DWS715 is in the front, the motor of the DW716 is located in the back. Making the DW716 capable of beveling in both directions. This, of course, comes at a significantly higher price.


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