What is dewalt skill saw corded

Which is better a DeWalt electric saw or a corded circular saw?

DeWalt circular saws tend to be heftier to handle with an average weight of 10.1 pounds they lack the maneuverability typically offered by other corded saws. For more information on the best electric saw read my corded circular saw reviews.

Is the SKILSAW still called a skill saw?

Since 1924, Skilsaw has become virtually synonymous with circular saws, so much so that circular saws are still called “skill saws” to this day. Circular saws are motor-equipped tools that enable you to cut through wooden boards quickly.

What kind of motor does DeWalt dw384 circular saw have?

The DW384 8-1/4-inch circular saw is powered by a powerful 15 amp motor, which turns at 5,800 rpm. This unit has a high-strength, lightweight aluminum shoe, two-second electric brake, and 50-degree bevel capacity.

What makes a DeWalt power tool Guaranteed Tough?

DEWALT® was born on the jobsite with a mission to provide products tough enough for the most demanding Pros, who are constructing a world that’s built to last for the future. GUARANTEED TOUGH® means rigorously testing under the most extreme conditions. If it doesn’t measure up, it doesn’t get painted yellow & black.


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