What is dewalt xps technology

What is the DeWalt XPS laser cutting system?

What is the Dewalt XPS system? The XPS is a cut-line for the saw miter saw laser that is available in multiple Dewalt Models. You can find this technology especially for the DWS779 which is preferred by most of the professionals. To cut through a line, it takes high concentration.

Can a DeWalt XPS be used in a miter saw?

If you have any separate models, you can easily choose to install the XPS technology in the dewalt miter saw laser. This will allow you to get a complete setup. Overall, the response for the XPS light system is great and most of the consumers do rate them highly as well.

Which is better the DeWalt dws779 or the laser?

The DWS779 also has a cut-line blade positioning system that you can easily adjust to enable you to have a free-cutting line indicator. Apparently many users prefer the LED light as compared to the lasers.


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