What is double bevel sliding compound miter saw

What is the best compound miter saw?

The Best Miter Saws Reviews in 2019. After putting seven saws through one hundred rounds of cutting we’ve come to the conclusion that the DEWALT DWS779 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw is the best miter saw currently around.

What does double bevel mean for miter saw?

A double bevel miter saw, also known as dual bevel, allows operators to move the saw head in both directions. This means you can perform a bevel cut, in either direction, without having to move or flip the material being cut.

What does dual bevel mean?

Dual bevel defined. A dual – or double – bevel saw will bevel in both directions. As you stand and look at it, it can pivot both left and right. If you want to make opposing bevel cuts in the same piece of wood, the wood remains on the machine and you just swing the blade over.

Do I need a sliding miter saw?

You don’t really need the sliding miter saw. But if you do a lot of decking, bigger framing (cutting floor joists), large baseboard and crown molding, cabinets, shelving, woodworking, etc. These types of projects really do better with higher crosscutting capacities, like what you’ll get with the sliding miter saws.


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