What is drop saw table

What kind of tool is a table saw?

A table saw is an indispensable power tool for serious woodworkers as well as contractors and construction companies. It allows a woodworker to make long, uniform cuts on pieces of lumber, with the precision, that a circular saw or miter saw sometimes lacks.

How is the angle of a table saw cut controlled?

In some early table saws, the blade and arbor were fixed, and the table was moved up and down to expose more or less of the blade. The angle of cut is controlled by adjusting the angle of blade.

How long has SawStop been making table saws?

We’re proud to be celebrating 20 years of safety, innovation, and thousands of fingers saved. Maximize your woodworking experience. We have outgrown our third headquarters, and are moving to a new, much larger home this week.

Why do you need a scoring blade on a sliding table saw?

Sliding table saws usually incorporate a riving knife to prevent kickback from occurring. Sliding saws sometimes offer a scoring blade, which is a second, smaller diameter blade mounted in front of the regular saw blade. The scoring blade helps reduce splintering in certain types of stock, especially laminated stock.


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