What is dw706

Is there an extension kit for the DeWalt dw703?

The DW7080 Extension Kit provides additional material support. For use on DW703, DW706, DW708, DW712, DW713, DW715, DW716, DW717, and DW718. Secure your DEWALT DW703, DW706, and DW708 miter saws with the DW7080 extension system.

What kind of miter handle does DeWalt dw716 use?

The DW716 incorporates an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 11 positive stops for the most common miter cuts. The cam lock miter handle eliminates the need to twist the miter handle to lock in on the miter angle and delivers a quick and solid miter lock.

Is the DeWalt dws709 a sliding compound saw?

The saw she actually received (the DWS709) is a twelve-inch sliding compound saw. But though it superficially resembles the DWS779 and DWS780, it has diminished cutting capacities along with several other more minor deficiencies (handle placement, miter-angle adjustment release, etc.).

Is there a laser line on the DeWalt dws779?

The DWS779 does not have an internal laser line and one cannot be mounted to the sw. However, model number DWS780 does come with an internal laser line installed. Best Regards Sherri C DEWALT Has anyone wished they had bought the non-sliding version of this 12 in saw because of it's size ...


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