What is dw713

Is the DeWalt dw713 a good tool?

For decades Dewalt has been known for well-built, reliable and affordable tools. They have built a reputation among DIYers and contractors, and each new product they release are expected to live up to that same reputation. In this Dewalt DW713 review I will reveal whether this product is a worthy addition to their current line of dependable tools.

What's the difference between a dws715 and dw780?

The DWS715 is a 12-inch single bevel miter saw while the DWS780 is a 12-inch double bevel sliding miter saw. The former comes with a significant increase in cutting capacity due to the availability of sliding the blade forward and backwards.

What's the blade speed of a dws715 miter saw?

The DWS715 is a 12” miter saw powered by a 15 amp motor that delivers a no-load speed of 4000rpm. As a single compound miter saw, the blade is capable of beveling 0° – 48° to the left. It’s also advertised as being able to go 0° – 3° to the right but that means next to nothing. Cutting baseboards is a breeze with this saw.

Is the DeWalt 715 a good miter saw?

The 715 is a good solid option for the hobbyist who does some woodworking on the weekends. As your skills improve you may consider upgrading to a double-bevel miter saw like the DW716. It does the same double angle motion of the DW715 but with more blade output.


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