What is dw717

Is the DeWalt dw717 a beginner's saw?

While definitely not a beginner’s saw, the Dewalt DW717 boasts an impressive range of features for more experienced woodworkers, and is especially noteworthy for its ability to tackle large wood pieces. Is it the right saw for you? Let’s find out with my in-depth Dewalt DW717 Review!

Is the DeWalt dw718 sliding dual bevel workhorse?

The DeWALT DW718 sliding dual miter saw surprised us with its mediocrity. While certainly rugged, this tool lacks anything to truly set it apart or make it stand out in a crowd of stiff competition.

Is the DeWalt dws715 good for vinyl flooring?

The model DWS715 will cut all types of wood and non ferrous materials including the vinyl flooring. Will this saw cut 4.5 inch baseboard vertically against the fence? Yes, it will cut baseboard just fine. Not while the baseboard is installed though. It’s a stationary tabletop mounted saw designed to make mitered cuts.

Is the blade guard on the DeWalt dws713 transparent?

The blade guard on the dws713 is transparent and made of hard plastic. Making it easy to see the blade and avoid unsuspected surprises. Miter saw safety is very important. Always read the manual before use and make sure you know how to safely use a miter saw.


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