What is dw718

Is the DeWalt dw718 sliding dual bevel workhorse?

The DeWALT DW718 sliding dual miter saw surprised us with its mediocrity. While certainly rugged, this tool lacks anything to truly set it apart or make it stand out in a crowd of stiff competition.

What kind of miter handle does DeWalt dw718 have?

The DW718 incorporates an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops for the most common miter cuts. The cam lock miter handle eliminates the need to twist the miter handle to lock in on the miter angle and delivers a quick and solid miter lock.

What are the rails on a dw718 saw?

The saw can be beveled to the left 0-Degree - 48-Degree and to the right 0-Degree - 48-Degree with positive stops at 0-Degree, 22.5-Degree, 33.9-Degree and 45-Degree. Weighing in at 53lbs and equipped with dual horizontal rails, the DW718 is designed to be compact and portable.

Is the DeWalt dws780 double bevel sliding compound miter saw?

Change Location. The DWS780 12-in Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw has a 15-amp motor and integrated XPS cross cut positioning system for adjustment-free accurate cut line indication. Tall sliding fences support 7-1/2-in of nested crown and 6-3/4-in of base molding vertically.


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