What is dw7440rs

Is the dw7440rs a table saw stand?

The DW7440RS includes: rolling table saw stand and quick connect stand brackets; table saw sold separately. Oversized bevel scale makes bevel-angle adjustments accurate and easy (bevels from 0 Degree-49 Degree right and left)

What makes the DeWalt dw744xrs 10 inch job site?

It has a heavy-duty 1/2-Inch self-tightening chuck and enhanced durability and reliability to withstand the job-site environment and the most demanding applications. It also has an anti-slip comfort grip. Raymond E. DEWALT followed in his father's steps, and worked in plants and construction after leaving school.

What's the difference between a dwe7485 and a dw745?

The DWE7485 also runs at a much higher 5800 RPM compared to the DW745’s 3800 RPM, which should lead to smoother cuts. To confuse things even more, there are five different versions of the 7485. There is the standard wired DWE7485. DWE stands for DeWalt Wired (what the E stands for, I don’t know!).

Can a dw744 be used with a miter saw?

The stand is not recommended for use with any miter saw. The stand was approved by UL for use with the DW744 and DW745. The stand will work with most, but not all, other portable table saws. We do not have a listing of what brands or models of other table saws that this stand will accommodate.


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