What is dw745 table saw

Is the DeWalt dw745 a good table saw?

The Dewalt DW745 is a well-engineered portable jobsite table saw that will cater to a wide range of projects. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur this fantastic 10″ compact saw has been thoughtfully designed for the end user.

What kind of vacuum port does DeWalt table saw have?

If you’re familiar with DeWalt table saws, you’ll know that their low-friction table coating makes for smooth and easy working and this is what you’ll find on the DeWalt DW745. You also get a 2°’ vacuum port, so it’s easy to work clean and dust free.

What does DCS stand for on a DeWalt table saw?

DCS stands for DeWalt Cordless Saw, so if you see that before the model number, you’ll know it’s a portable, battery-powered saw. DeWalt sells the DCS7485 in a standalone version (for people who already own FlexVolt batteries), which is called the DCS7485B in the United States, and the DCS7485N in Europe.

How big is a DeWalt table saw scissor stand?

. . Only 2 left in stock - order soon. . Only 7 left in stock - order soon. DEWALT DWE7491X 10 In. Table Saw with Scissor Stand


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