What is dw7451

What kind of table saw is DeWalt dw7451?

Featuring heavy-duty tube steel construction that can support the stress of tough saw jobs, this stand is designed for use with the DWE7480 (10" Compact table saw) DCS7485 (60V 8 1/4" Table Saw) and the DW7450 (10" Compact table saw). DEWALT DW745 10-inch compact job site table saw.

What's the difference between the dw745 and 7491?

The 7491 is the high-end model that has a large 10” blade and a 32 1/2” rip capacity. The DW745 is odd, because on the one hand it is a smaller, more portable version with only 20 inches of rip capacity, but it still sports the same 10” blade that you don’t really see on any other saws of this size.

Which is bigger a dwe7485 or a dw745?

Despite the smaller saw blade, the DWE7485 weighs 10 lbs. more than it’s 10″ DW745 brethren. In addition, as with most job site saws… ripping plywood is a nightmare without a built in out-feed table and a friend.

Is the dcs7485t1 the same as the dwe7491?

The DCS7485T1 (US) and DCS7485T2 (EU) do include two batteries and a charger, but these are not interchangeable, as the US version runs on 60 volts and the European version only on 54 volts. The DWE7491 and DWE7492 are nearly identical, with the 7492 being the version sold in Europe, and the 7491 being sold in North America.


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