What is dw7485 table saw

What are the specifications of a DeWalt dwe7485 table saw?

The specifications of Dewalt DWE7485 maximize smooth, fast, and precise cuts. The 8-1/4″ blade of this table saw has a powerful 15amp motor that can deliver a no-load speed of 5800RPM. Therefore, it is very efficient in ripping large materials, including 4×8 woods and OSB sheets.

What can you do with a DeWalt table saw?

DeWALT Job Site Table Saws are the workhorse of the woodworking and construction community for a reason. They get a lot of things right. On board storage is fantastic for your push stick, fence, riving knife, cord and miter gauge. As long as you don’t abuse it, the rack and pinion telescoping fence is one of my favorite features in the line up.

What does DCS stand for on a DeWalt table saw?

DCS stands for DeWalt Cordless Saw, so if you see that before the model number, you’ll know it’s a portable, battery-powered saw. DeWalt sells the DCS7485 in a standalone version (for people who already own FlexVolt batteries), which is called the DCS7485B in the United States, and the DCS7485N in Europe.

What's the difference between a dwe7485 and a dw745?

The DWE7485 also runs at a much higher 5800 RPM compared to the DW745’s 3800 RPM, which should lead to smoother cuts. To confuse things even more, there are five different versions of the 7485. There is the standard wired DWE7485. DWE stands for DeWalt Wired (what the E stands for, I don’t know!).


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