What is dwe7480 table saw

Is the DeWalt dwe7480 a Site Pro table saw?

Luckily, the DeWALT DWE7480 table saw comes with DEWALT’s Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. This innovative system allows users to easily adjust the guarding components of the saw without the need for any additional tools. Looking for a portable but powerful table saw?

What should the blade temperature be on a DeWalt table saw?

I Can't be more disappointed and sad for buying this dewalt dwe7480 table saw. 1. Blade came at 89.5 degrees at max 90 (manage to get 89.89) 2. 3/16 out of alignment with the miter slot at the end. (manage to get 3/64 at the end.

What does DWE stand for on a DeWalt table saw?

DWE stands for DeWalt Wired (what the E stands for, I don’t know!). Although the voltage and plug will be different, the rest of this saw is identical for North America and Europe (and the rest of the world). The DCS7485 is the cordless FlexVolt version of the 7485.

What kind of motor does a DeWalt table saw use?

The DWE7480, as with all table saws in the portable category, they tend to use a 15 amp direct drive brush motor which has the benefits of being light but the disadvantage of being loud. The closest contender to this saw when it comes to the motor is the Bosch GTS1031 The DWE7480 comes with DeWalts ITE PRO Modular Guarding System.


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