What is electric fret saw

What kind of work can a fret saw do?

Coping saws and fret saws are essential in carpentry, metalworks, and for jewelers. These members of the bow saw family are perfect for cutting curves and interior corners.

Which is the best course for guitar fretwork mastery?

Guitar Fretwork Mastery is part 1 of a multipart online video course designed to help you deliver better playing, more stable, and more consistent fretwork on your next guitar.

How big of a slot do you need for a fret saw?

Most fret saws will cut a slot that is .023” wide which is perfect for most fret wire and is the starting point for great guitar fretwork.

Why is the kerf of a fret saw important?

These elements are worth looking at carefully because they give the different saws unique qualities and make each one useful for various applications and styles of cutting. The kerf of the saw is the cutting width of the blade, so it determines the thickness of the slot you will cut.


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