What is electric saws

Where can I get training for a chainsaw?

Training for the Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance, and Operations (CSMO) course needs to be scheduled through your Regional Safety Manager. At the end of this course the evaluation will consist of:

What should you know about power saw safety?

The saw's motor or operation may ignite flammable liquids or gases. Always operate with full protection and protect your eyes. Never carry a power tool, raise, or lower a tool that is running. The rotary saw is one of the most popular gasoline-powered saws. These are often called partner or k12 saws.

What do you need to know about Sawyer training?

Sawyer Training New crosscut and chainsaw training modules will be available soon. The module-based training focuses on “Developing a Thinking Sawyer” and emphasizes risk management, human factors, and sawyer safety. Forest Service sawyers can still attend approved training courses until the new program is finalized.

Are there any different types of power saws?

Power saws are extremely useful machine tools, but they are also very confusing. There are so many types of saw in different categories and sub-categories of power saw, that it becomes difficult to remember what each kind of saw does.


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