What is festool 575306

What do you need to know about Festool tools?

All tools from Festool originate from practical applications. To tailor product features precisely to specific requirements, we maintain a close dialogue with professional tradespeople. We are the trades specialist; for joiners, cabinet makers, construction, carpenters, painters, varnishers, renovation and restoration.

What kind of motor does Festool ks120 have?

If you use the Festool Kapex KS120, you’ll soon see why. Firstly, it has all the power you’ll ever need, supplied by an incredible 1600W (13A) motor with a variable speed of 1400 – 3400 RPM. Having a variable speed dial is great.

What can you do with a Festool MFT / 3 work table?

The MFT/3 work tables are the progression of the work bench. They can be used with all Festool routers and track saws, as clamping stations and much more. Attach guide rails, angle units, clamps, etc with ease in multiple orientations and arrangements to fit any application.

Is the Festool KS 120 a good miter saw?

Light in weight and heavy in features, the KS 120 is the perfect saw for the workshop or the jobsite. make this saw the number one choice of professional tradesmen. guarantee. Updated with a new base with integrated sliding table extensions that provide even greater work surface area for material support.


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