What is festool sawstop

Are there any Festool table saws available in the UK?

However, even though 2004 was a long time ago, these saws have always been practically impossible to get hold of in the UK! That is finally about to change in 2020, as Festool are releasing a new table saw on the European market which features licensed Sawstop technology.

Which is better a SawStop or a Festool Domino?

The Festool DOMINO is like a SawStop table saw: neither has competitors. While the SawStop features a must have safety device, the DOMINO offers a joint that is both fast and strong. And in many cases a Festool DOMINO alternative requires two tools such as a dowelling jig AND a biscuit joiner.

Which is the first table saw with SawStop technology?

Festool describe the TKS 80 as the first portable table saw with SawStop technology to be marketed in Europe, and it was developed by Festool in conjunction with SawStop’s team in the US. The TKS 80 uses a 254mm blade which has a cutting capacity of 80mm at 90 degrees.

What do you need to know about Festool tools?

All tools from Festool originate from practical applications. To tailor product features precisely to specific requirements, we maintain a close dialogue with professional tradespeople. We are the trades specialist; for joiners, cabinet makers, construction, carpenters, painters, varnishers, renovation and restoration.


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