What is folding a bandsaw blade

What's the best way to fold a bandsaw?

Firstly, you’ll want to use one hand to hold the blade in front of you, keeping the blade’s teeth pointing in the opposite direction. This is where that glove comes in handy. You should now have created a loop in front of you, with half of the blade upon the ground.

How big is the blade of a band saw?

A band saw blade is a thin and flexible metal band that has teeth on one side. The band saw blades are usually long and can be over 100 inches in length. The blade is usually spun around two or three wheels located within the band saw.

What kind of work can a band saw do?

Band saws are versatile power saws that can be used to cut a wide array of materials ranging from plastic to wood and steel. The band saw is very common among woodworkers that deal with curves, edges, and shapes on materials. The thin and narrow blade of the band saw makes it possible to make curves and irregular shapes on wood.

What are the safety rules for a band saw?

Standard procedures require that the operator’s hands be about 3-4in away from the saw’s blade when working for safety. Those around should keep at least 2ft while the saw is running. Are Band Saws Dangerous? All tools have the potential to pose dangers, so yes, band saws can be dangerous.


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