What is general international table saw

What's the name of the company that makes table saws?

Now the renamed “Excalibur by GENERAL ” brand is a very successful and integral part of our product line-up. In 2009 we became the first, and to date only manufacturer of table saws, to design and offer a true riving knife retrofit kit, for our older model 350 and 650 cabinet saws.

What can a table saw be used for?

Table saws are used to perform rip cuts or create identical cuts for several pieces of material. Most often used for cutting wood, you are able to switch out the blade on a table saw to perform cutting tasks on metal or masonry materials. With its extended platform, table saws are great for cutting larger pieces.

Where can I buy general woodworking and metalworking machinery?

You won’t find GENERAL products in every store, instead we partner with select retailers who stock and support the products they sell. Delivering extreme value for suppliers and consumers, our durable, high quality woodworking & metalworking machinery is engineered to outperform the competition.

What makes a portable table saw a jobsite?

Portable or jobsite: Smaller saws that can be moved easily from one location to another. They typically employ a direct-drive mechanism in which the motor is connected directly to the blade arbor. Some use blades smaller than the 10" blades standard on most table saws.


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